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In Memorium


In Memoriam 

Betty Herman 1933 - 2003

When each of us received our first Fyrehouse Dalmatian from Betty Herman, we knew of the pup’s championship parentage, carefully bred from her 25 years of judging, obedience training, and breeding expertise. 

But we didn’t know two important facts: 

That a lifetime friend accompanied this pup: one just a phone call away, one who would share our “growing pains,” answer questions on training and feeding, and especially one who would delight with us in our dog’s antics and abilities.  

That we would suffer a lifetime of exclamations: “Your dog can’t be a Dalmatian---it’s too calm!”  Or “I’ve never seen such mellow temperament!” 

And if we dared to complain about such pleasant temperament, we can almost hear a snappy reply from our spunky friend…. 

Thank you, our dear Betty. We will all miss you. 

In Memoriam 

Fyrehouse Folly 1998 - 2012

Fyrehouse Folly        Fyrehouse Folly

Great Grandmother Fyrehouse Folly, matriarch of many AKC champions,
thank you for giving us 14 wonderful years. Your sweet presence as well as
that of all your progeny have given many families quantities of love,
affection, and delight. We miss you.     

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